Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prospecting Saturday

Wow! I've been off  for awhile. but school is out and I'm finally back on my blogging game!! Back to my "prospecting" Saturday today. One of my trips was to my favorite children's book store here in town, the "Book Bug".  They offer a 20% discount for teachers so I'm especially happy to frequent this shop.  They have the most unique shop that allows you to browse leisurely to make refined selections.  Here are a  few books I purchased that I can't wait to read to my first graders next fall!!

This New York Times Bestseller is adorable. This is the sequel to the book Ladybug. A young girl named Lulu takes on a super hero alter ego of Ladybug Girl.  She makes her own fun and adventures until she meets up with her friend Sam and he doesn't want to play.  Ladybug decides to engage Sam by making him a superhero Bumblebee Boy which he immediately signs on to play.   They live out their adventures and learn some lessons of cooperative play along the way! Perfect book to start a school year while gently teaching problem solving and friendship.

Previously is a very humorous twist on fairy tale characters such as Goldilocks, Jack and The
Beanstalk, Jack and Jill just to name a few. The
book interweaves the stories of what the characters were doing previous to their "famous" tale and how they came to be. Very clever twists and turns
that surprise even adults.

BIG CHICKENS by Leslie Helakoski is a funny  story of four chickens who get locked out of their coop and seek refuge in the woods.  Their misadventures are like watching an episode of "The Three Stooges".  They are literally chicken chickens, and live in fear only to realize they have very little to fear. The illustrations will bring about many laughs. A good companion book to Chicken Little.