Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

     Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I love this day because the anticipation of a bountiful dinner and being surrounded by family is always exciting.  A day to pause during midweek and break up the hectic busy-ness of a work or school week and relax and indulge in guilt free eating!! I am especially thankful that my sons are no longer abroad in the military missing this holiday with their families.  No one realizes how lucky they are to be surrounded by family on this day then a military family that has been through this experience.
      Here are a few pics of  our Thanksgiving celebration at school.  We set up a roll of orange paper down the hallways and served up pumpkin pie to each student.  A school wide Thanksgiving celebration!! I also posted a craft project we did thanks to First Grade Wow.  Love her blog!!  We do not have art in our building so my kids were in heaven creating this project!!
     Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
School wide Thanksgiving Dessert-Pie!

Pilgrim and Indian projects 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day

Thank you to all our veterans who have served our country so faithfully and proudly.  I especially am grateful and proud of my own two sons who served our country in Iraq.  Thank you and so glad you're back home!!!

Blake and his wife Alisha

Mom, Barrett and Dad