Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garage Side Door Update

 Here is a view of our much needed garage side door.  Paint chipped and weathered from our Michigan snow and wind.  My designer neighbor told me I should always look at working with three colors.  So I decided after doing my carriage doors in gray, black and white I would use the same colors for this project to keep it unified.

This white light fixture will be the piece I infuse the color black onto along with the glass trim along the window in the door to tie the two colors together.  So out comes my favorite tool of DIY-  da da da da-- Spray Paint by Rustoleum !!

So here's the finished door! Didn't take much doing.  Probably took more time fretting about doing it then the process itself, just like most of our home projects which are begging for a makeover!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I am by nature a list maker.  I make to do lists at school and at home to stay on my game.  Lately, I have noticed on Pinterest Summer Bucket List posts.  This is a great idea for people like me who after the summer is over think "I meant to do.... maybe next year."  Not anymore will I utter those words.  I sat down with the hubster and created a livable Summer Bucket List.  We tried to sandwich fun summer events, work, learning endeavors and sprinkled in some hobbies to have a balanced list.  After several revisions we were feeling pretty satisfied about our list.  Have you made your Summer Bucket List?

The cool part is we have already started on our list.  I ALREADY had an unopened 750 puzzle in my family room cabinet waiting to be assembled!!   I placed this on the coffee in the family room to piece together as an ongoing practice, sort of like pick up basketball games that many guys do.  Playing when the mood strikes!!

Wow!  This is gonna take some doing!

Ok, so we're off and running with the easiest part of the puzzle-the frame! Wish us luck!!