Thursday, March 14, 2013

This winter I spotted a very attractive window display in a cupcake shop.  I asked the cupcake shop owner if she made the window displays and she said no someone else made them.  Hoping to find out how she made them I walked out of the shop and stared and studied how I could improvise my own decor for my classroom.

I just happened to have a stash of cotton balls and a ball of white yarn. I measured the windows in my classroom and estimated I could make eight strands of cotton balls easily.  After measuring my yarn and cutting six lengths I started stringing the cotton balls onto the yarn with the needle.

This is a close-up of the string of "snowballs" on my classroom window.  I know, I know, where's the snow in Michigan?   I put this up just before we had our snow storms in February and now the landscape is blanketed in snow that is just starting to melt!

The kids thought these were the coolest thing!  Once the snow appeared on the landscape it was a perfect backdrop to this window display.  Would do you think?  An easy and quick project that made a big impact.

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Ann from On Sutton Place

Very fun project and I bet it did look awesome with the snow. I, for one, am glad the snow is gone though!

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