Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Every year I feel compelled to write SOMETHING down as a New Year resolution for an attainable goal.  All over blogland I found  a couple of posts that intrigued me even more about this yearly tradition.  At Fairy Dust Teaching Sally Haughay has a workbook to work through what worked and didn't in 2012 and to map out a way to navigate through 2013 to avoid what didn't work.  Smart thinking, but that's too much work for me.  She researched the history of New Year resolutions.  She discovered  only 1% those that do not write down their resolutions accomplished them.  Those who wrote their resolutions down attained them at 44%.  Wow! Validates the theory of putting in the mind and writing it down makes it concrete.  I've been a firm believer in this action.

       I also researched resolutions on Marelisa Febrega's blog Daring to Live Fully.   I like her upbeat posts chuck full of positive living ideas.  Her post today is  about the A 365- Day Project which is associated with photograph yby taking a photo every day.  She adapts  this concept to New Year resolutions.  Marelisa offers several projects to create a habit that makes your goals attainable. She offered 25 ideas.

I combed her list and came up with a list of daily resolutions to get me to my end of year goals.  Take a look at her blog I took a few from her list and adjusted a few more to make an even 12.

MY 2013 365- DAY PROJECT
  1. Blog daily
  2. Meditate each morning
  3. Eat healthier and lose 10 pounds
  4. Write 750 words a day on Novel
  5. Edit and finish Children's Picture book till done
  6. Do something creative every day for a year and post it on blog
  7. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  8. Listen to a different TED talk each day 
  9. Work on TPT projects and submit monthly
  10. Advance my career
  11. Make a list of 20 small things that I enjoy doing and make sure I do one a day for the year.
  12. Work on Blue Mountain Art work
 It's a start and I will probably edit the first week of January.  Have you written down a resolution or two.? I'd love to hear what your resolutions are for the year!  Have an abundant 2013!


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