Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pinterest Favorites

Here are a few Pinterest tips that I have tried and found to be successful.
1.  Essie and Nutri Nails.  Being a teacher my hands are always in water and getting dried out in my classroom.  I'm constantly chipping and snagging nails. I found this idea on Pinterest and felt I nothing to lose.  I've used acrylics and the maintenance  gets expensive.  So I bought my Nutri Nail Gel Perfect kit and Essie color at Walgreen.     I followed the directions on the box and used my own Essie nail color. I added the Essie 3 way glaze over the top for a shiny coat.  Couldn't believe how long my polished lasted-for at least a week! No more chipping.  It's worth trying!

2.  State painted  canvas
My daughter in law made 5 of these for one of my other daughter in law for Christmas of all the places they had lived and were stationed at in the Army.  It was so amazing and I just thought it was such a well thought out gift of the heart.

3.  Sterilite Drawers
I was so tired of the  plain clear sterilite drawers in my classroom. When I saw this idea on Pinterest I was so excited to see such an easy idea to mask a Plain Jane drawer unit.   Just adding scrapbooking paper and crinkled border added a punch of color to the room.  Ingenious and so simple!

4.  Milk Crate Listening Center

This was such a clever idea I found on Pinterest!  We had some left over crates at our school.  Rustoleum just came out with spray paint for laminate so I was able to spray paint a few crates in red and blue.  Our school theme was Patriotic, so I decorated everything in the classroom red, white and blue.  I had my hubby cut out plywood to fit the tops and I covered it with foam and patriotic material.  I placed a cd player,  book,  and cd in each crate.  Kids LOVE this center!  They sit on top of the crate and listen away!!

5.  Beer Cheese Dip

 This dip was so easy and delicious!  I took this to several tailgating events and the Superbowl and came back home with an empy bowl!  Just mix 2-8ounce cream cheese, 1/3 cup beer, 1 envelope Ranch Dressingmix and 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese and voila!  YUM!

These are just a few of my favorites let me know some of your own!  Love to hear them!



Glad to see a new post! Gotta LOVE Pinterest :) Your favorites are great and that you had such success makes us want to try them ASAP!! Thanks Sue!

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