Sunday, March 6, 2011

Books! Books! Books!

Saturdays are deemed my "prospecting" day.  I like to find some new haunt or go to an old one and find a treasure.  We have a children's book store named The Book Bug, in my town that I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't been to.  Today I chose to go "prospecting" there and I'm happy to say I hit GOLD!!!  I went with the intent to buy a book for both my granddaughters Ava 3 years old ,  Reece 10 months and one new book for the classroom.  The Book Bug had just had a remodel and expanded its space. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz walking out of her twister blown house into Munchkinland.  A large amount of books not only that I can order from Scholastic but many that I've not seen the titles of before.  Very unique books and a dangerous place for a book junkie like me!! Here are a few of the books I selected.  I had a successful day "prospecting"!! Can't wait to go back!

I LOVE, LOVE Eric Carle books and started a collection for each of my granddaughters.  These stroller touch and feel cards were a must have for my 10 month old.
This hard book with riddles of the Michigan flower, animals, Petosky stone, Mackinac Island and the Great Lakes will be perfect for my 3 year old granddaughter that lives in Georgia!! 

I chose this gem, The Seven Chinese Sisters  for my classroom.  This book is a take off of The Five Chinese Brothers.  Same premise, one sister gets in a  jam and each sister has a talent that helps rescue the sister in danger.  Adorable illustrations and a story that would go along well with the Chinese New Year unit in my classroom.



I LOVE E.Carle, too! I haven't seen the stroller cards before...Thanks for sharing! YAY for "prospecting" days!


Thank you Grandma Sue! Love Reece :)

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