Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prospecting Sunday

My "prospecting" Saturday got moved to Sunday this week due to my Saturday Writers Circle meeting which I try to NEVER miss! So after church today I brought the hubster along with me to see what "treasures" we could find.  TJ Maxx is becoming my new favorite place for bargains.  My sisters and mom LOVE this place and always find deals.   I haven't had that luck until lately, and now I'm hooked.  Here are a few of our finds in preparing for St. Patrick's Day.

Here's a tablecloth I got for a mere $7.99.  I plan to use this for St. Patrick's Day and Easter tablescape.

We've scored big in the gourmet food aisle last time we were here with cranberry and orange pancake mix which was superlicious good, so we knew we'd find something good again.  Score again for St. Paddy's dinner, Irish Soda Bread and of course you gotta have the Bailey's Irish Cream in chocolates for dessert!! Yum, can't wait to try these!

Wow! What a great score for my classroom kids!  Green licorice, WHO KNEW??? They are apple flavored but will be a great "green" treat for Thursday.  My  "prospecting" day was more like a couple of hours.  It was short lived as I needed to tether myself to the computer and get my grades posted for this semester.  Prospecting and Procrastination kinda go hand in hand doncha think? 

This is my massive assessment papers and notebook (pensives as they're called in Harry Potter) that I'm working along with my laptop and my faithful eye drops.  The hubster went out and got me a bigger bottle of eye drops cuz my eyes were drying out from all the focusing on the computer screen!!   He's a saint!



Boy, you are spending some time on the computer, eye drops?? Love what you are doing. Great finds.


I can't wait to see your table scape!!! I need to find me some of those green apple licorice...It looks soooooo yummy!!

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