Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Fairy

At two random times I have been surprised by Halloween decorations appearing in my yard while I'm at school during the day.  It's a lovely way to arrive home and have decorations appear in your front yard that you've never seen before and know YOU didn't plant there!  The last week in September I came home to two glittery Halloween spiders in my front yard under and in my maple tree.  Yesterday I came home to a black cauldron filled with large white mums and an orange Halloween ghost popping out of the top on my front porch.  I peered into the planter hoping to find a card but nope.  Nothing!  This is so sweet of someone who obviously knows my penchant for Halloween and cares enough to show their kindness.  I want to thank this do gooder!  Believe me, my curiousity to identify this person is definitely piqued.    So, the lesson here for me,  as I plow through this tough school year is to take time to smell the flowers.  Life's too short.  Pause and enjoy the beauty of this season.

Here are the three glittery spiders.  Cuter when the sun is shining on them because  they sparkle!
Halloween Fairy, come out, come out, whoever you are!!! I want to thank you for giving me a slice of happy pie!!



Dear Mystery Halloween Fairy,
You have made the day of our sweet Sue! You have her so puzzled and so thrilled all at once. It is not often that she is the one on the receiving end she is always one up on everybody else!
She is so deserving of a little spoiling and your timing couldn't have been more perfect!
BOO to YOU! ;););)
PS. I would let her stew a little more. It's fun to watch her try to figure you out!

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