Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Goodbye

Today we celebrated bittersweetly, the last day of my two favorite kindergarten teacher friends.  Celebrating with the current staff and retirees of years gone by made me realize how far the three of us  together have gone  in our careers in education.We have gone through many cycles and changes in curriculum, state regulations, and administration changes. We have learned to rise above together and become more than we thought we could be.  In life we are handed challenges.  We either succumb and become a tumbleweed that lands wherever they are blown or ingest a dose of drive and carve a new pathway that is more authentic.  That is exactly what my two friends did.  They started consulting area programs in kindergarten readiness and started putting their combined 50 years teaching materials and are selling them on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They have found a niche in education and are going to pursue their new adventure full time.  They found a need and are filling it with full out authenticity!!! They are the spark plug of our school and we are feeling a little "unplugged".  On the other hand we are happy for their new adventure and wish them the best of luck in their next chapter.  Here are a few celebration pictures.
Two Best Friends Jodie and Marsha
Jodie and her Dad and Mom
Marsha and her teaching partner when she first started teaching, Sharon Vinstra
                         Good luck and much happiness creating your new brand -KBound!



Everybody works at a special school, but there is only one Green Meadow Elementary. A special little school where children grow and life long friendships are made. Green Meadow is full of traditions that were passed down from the amazing teachers before us. We have tried our very best to continue to teach by example for those that follow us. Today we came full circle with retired staff and current staff. They gathered secretly to surprise Marsha and I and send us off in style to our new adventures in education. This never would have taken place without the big heart of our dear friend Sue! For all you bloggers out there that follow Sue's Betwixt Blog, let me tell you that YOU are following one of the most dynamic, caring, dedicated women I have every had the pleasure of knowing. She always puts others first and I have never seen her give less than 110% in anything she takes on! Her kindness is contageous and her friendship is priceless. Continue to follow her and you too will be better for knowing her! Cheers to you Sue! Thank you so very much for all you did to celebrate us!!! Can't wait to repay the favor!! :)


Awww! Thanks Jodie so much, I appreciate you AND your comments. We are definitely kindred spirits! We will continue that friendship in our next adventures!!! You're on your way!!


Adventure Land is calling our name!! :)

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